Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you buy your trim?

A: On the Mother of All Road Trips.  I travel over 15,000 miles a year seeking and collecting fine trims for your pleasure.  I import from three continents and buy trim in thousand-dollar increments.  So it won't really help you much to know who my sources are.

Q: Which of your trims can be washed?

A: All of them, mostly. My standard warning is, turn the garb inside out, use the "gentle" cycle, and don't run them in the same load as your chainmail bikini. There are two quasi-exceptions: the Arab Tree and German vine patterns appear to be a little delicate, and a few folks have reported back excessive wear apparently due to washing.

Q: Why haven't you filled my order yet?

A:  Most likely, I was out of town, or being a school-teacher.